Joan Kram

Board President  | Loveland, CO

Joan is a healthcare professional with 40 years of experience in a broad range of industry segments and roles. These include delivery of patient care, staff & clinical research management, hospice care, and executive leadership of non-profit volunteer organizations for nursing specialties. Specifically, in addition to delivering nursing care in hospital environments, she directed research projects in oncology for two hospital systems and served as Director of Hospice Services for MidWest Palliative & Hospice Care Center. She recently (2019) retired from her concurrent positions as Executive Director for the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses, the American Board of Neuroscience Nursing, and the International Transplant Nurses Society.  In her role as ED for these volunteer organizations, she oversaw membership, certification, and marketing operations, as well as financial reporting. She also worked to provide the elected volunteer board members, all accomplished professionals and thought leaders in their fields, with the tools to perform with competence in their roles through board education and development curriculums.

Joan is passionate about helping organizations achieve what they believe. She has a long history of volunteering for organizations including 8 years of service on the board of directors for the Glenview Credit Union, 3 years on the coordinating team for the Nursing Organization Alliance, the American Red Cross and Scouting. 

Her approach to life is based upon intellectual curiosity. She thrives on experiential learning and new adventures, especially lessons from nature.

Joan holds a BSN from Loyola University Chicago, and an MBA with a focus on leadership and change management from DePaul University Chicago.

An avid hiker, she enjoys trekking to new peaks with her husband Kent. 

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