Roberta Rudy, CM-Th

Teaching Faculty | Bothell, WA

Roberta Rudy co-teaches Anatomy & Physiology as well as Medical Terminology. She was a registered nurse for 30 years and worked in hospital and outpatient settings. She was credentialed in emergency and critical care nursing and pursued continuing education as an EMT and RN with a medic unit. Roberta is a graduate of the Chalice of Repose Project School of Music-Thanatology, and she is an MTAI-certified music-thanatologist. She has been providing musical care in the hospice and hospital settings since 2004. She is currently a contractor with Kindred Hospice of Seattle and an employee of Harps of Comfort. Roberta provides virtual musical care in both of these settings. She shares her enthusiasm for learning and deep understanding of the body with students.

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